From Screen Obsession to Book Enthusiast: A Mum's Journey

Discover how LilBigWorld transformed screen time into learning time for one family

As a mother of two energetic toddlers, I was constantly on the hunt for engaging, educational, and most importantly, durable toys and books. My youngest, in particular, was drawn to screens like a moth to a flame. While I understood the appeal - the vibrant colours, the sounds, the moving images - I also knew the drawbacks. I was determined to find a solution that provided a similar level of engagement but without the screen.

During one of my countless online searches, I stumbled across LilBigWorld. They promised an interactive reading experience that was just as captivating as a cartoon but far more enriching. Sceptical but hopeful, I decided to give it a go.

 When our first LilBigWorld book arrived, the quality was the first thing that struck me. The thick, sturdy pages were obviously designed with enthusiastic little hands in mind. But the true test came when I sat down to read with my children. As we turned each page and discovered the different interactive elements, I watched their eyes light up with excitement and curiosity. It was a far cry from the passive staring they did in front of the screen.

As weeks turned into months, the LilBigWorld books remained a favourite in our household. Not only did they stand up to repeated use (and occasional misuse), but they also seemed to offer a new experience with each reading. My youngest started recognising shapes and colours, while my older child began narrating the stories in her own words. The books sparked conversations, imaginative play, and so much laughter.

I also noticed a shift in their behaviour. Bedtime became less of a battle as they looked forward to their nightly stories. They became more independent, choosing their favourite books and "reading" them on their own. I saw their confidence grow, their language skills improve, and their love for books blossom.

But the most significant change was perhaps in myself. I felt less guilty about the time they spent in front of screens, knowing that they were also engaging in meaningful, educational play. I had peace of mind knowing that the books were safe, non-toxic, and would last a long time.

 In LilBigWorld, we found more than just interactive board books. We found a tool that helped my children learn, grow, and develop a love for reading. I couldn't be happier with our discovery, and I highly recommend LilBigWorld to any parent looking to engage their children in a fun, educational experience.

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Included in the ultimate bundle

The Colours 

Helps your child identify and differentiate colours, promoting cognitive development.
Sparks creativity and imaginative thinking through vibrant illustrations.
Encourages interaction and discussion about colours in their everyday environment.



Introduces the concept of community helpers, enhancing social understanding. Encourages bravery, empathy, and respect for the hard work of others. Stimulates your child's curiosity about different professions.


Farm Animals

Helps your child recognize and name different animals, broadening their knowledge base. Enhances understanding of animal sounds and behaviours, stimulating sensory learning. Provides an introduction to the farm environment and the origins of food.


My Body

Encourages body awareness and promotes self-identity. Helps your child understand the basic function of different body parts. Promotes healthy habits and appreciation for their own bodies.