One Bundle, Four Adventures: Discover LilBigWorld's Interactive Toddler Books!

Nurture your child's love for reading and learning with our interactive books, designed to inspire the smallest learners with the biggest adventures.

Benefits of the ultimate bundle

  • Provides a comprehensive learning experience by covering various themes.
  • Saves cost compared to buying individual books.
  • Free shipping costs for the Ultimate Bundle
  • Makes for a perfect gift set for birthdays or other occasions.

Enhanced Confidence:
Through solving problems and making discoveries in the books, children will gain confidence. Every time they understand a concept or a story, it will reinforce their belief in their own abilities. They will be more willing to explore new things, take on challenges and will show increased self-assurance.

Independence and Self-Expression:
Your books provide an opportunity for children to make decisions, solve problems, and express their thoughts and feelings, fostering their independence. As they navigate through the books independently, they will learn to trust their abilities and judgments, fostering autonomy and self-expression.

Problem-Solving Skills: 
As your books are interactive and engaging, they will require children to think, question, and solve problems. This can enhance their problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and logic, which are essential for their academic and life success.

Emotional Security and Bonding: 
Shared reading experiences can create strong emotional bonds between parents and children. The positive associations formed during these storytelling sessions will provide a sense of security, belonging, and happiness in children. These memories will resonate throughout their lives, forming a lasting emotional foundation.

Increased Love for Learning: 
By making reading fun and engaging, your books can foster a love for learning and curiosity about the world. This could lead to a lifelong habit of seeking knowledge, which is invaluable for continuous learning and academic success.

Lifelong Memories:
The shared experiences of reading and learning will create cherished memories for both parents and children. These memories will not only remind them of the bond they shared but also reinforce their positive associations with learning and family.

Enhanced Confidence:
LilBigWorld books boost children's confidence, fueling their desire to explore, understand, and conquer challenges. take on challenges and will show increased self-assurance.

Independence and Self-Expression:
Our books are a platform for decision-making and self-expression, fostering an independent spirit in young minds.

Problem-Solving Skills: 
Interactive and thought-provoking, our books hone critical thinking, logic, and problem-solving skills, shaping future achievers.

Emotional Security and Bonding: 
Shared reading cultivates strong emotional bonds, providing children a sense of security, belonging, and lasting happiness.

Increased Love for Learning: 
We make learning fun and engaging, instilling a lifelong love for knowledge and curiosity in children.

Lifelong Memories:
LilBigWorld doesn't just sell books - we provide a pathway for creating cherished memories that reinforce the love for learning and family.

Triple Award Winning in 2023

Included in the ultimate bundle

The Colours 

Helps your child identify and differentiate colours, promoting cognitive development.
Sparks creativity and imaginative thinking through vibrant illustrations.
Encourages interaction and discussion about colours in their everyday environment.



Introduces the concept of community helpers, enhancing social understanding. Encourages bravery, empathy, and respect for the hard work of others. Stimulates your child's curiosity about different professions.


Farm Animals

Helps your child recognize and name different animals, broadening their knowledge base. Enhances understanding of animal sounds and behaviours, stimulating sensory learning. Provides an introduction to the farm environment and the origins of food.


My Body

Encourages body awareness and promotes self-identity. Helps your child understand the basic function of different body parts. Promotes healthy habits and appreciation for their own bodies.



Only half of pre-school children are being read to daily

We're on a mission to double that number. Using push and pull sliders, babies and toddlers can interact with books. They can learn how to turn pages themselves, hold a book from an early age, and learn that books and reading are enjoyable.

Why Our Customers Love LilBigWorld Books 

Our books encourage

  • Early Learning Through Play
  • Language Development
  • Focused Attention

Our books are 

  • Built to Last
  • Easy to Take "On-the-Go"

Our books support

  • Fine motor skills
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Dialogic Reading

Our books promotes

  • Strong Parent Child Bonds
  • Joyful Learning

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